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With over 20 years of experience, a team of specialists, and emergency availability 24/7, you can trust our team for professional hydro-jetting services in Ventura County.

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Frequent drain clogs caused by roots, heavy grease or sludge, hard scale and/or other blockages may be in need of hydro-jetting services.

For more than two decades, City Plumbing & Rooter has been expertly offering drain cleaning services with hydro-jetting in Ventura County and the surrounding areas.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Using high-pressure water streams and specialty nozzles, hydro-jetting cleans, descales, and removes the toughest kitchen and sewer line clogs

Hydro-jetting uses between 1,500 and 4,000 PSI to scour the insides of the pipelines removing years of hard scale, cutting through roots, and dissolving grease and sludge backing up the pipelines.

The specialty nozzles attached to jetting hoses are designed for specific drain blockages and pipe diameters. They strategically direct the flow of water to rotate once inside the line. They are important to the hydro-jetting process and require advanced training and skill to properly clean drain lines.

While snaking lines can clear minor clogs and even some root intrusion, hydro-jetting services are the most effective method of cleaning kitchen and sewer lines.

Hydro-Jetting Benefits

Drains become clogged due to heavy buildup, abuse of the line, roots, and clogs over time. In kitchen lines, the most common clogs result from grease, fats, and oils accumulating on the inside of the pipe. They slowly close off the diameter of the line causing backups.

A professional snaking of the kitchen line will typically be the first step in unclogging the line. If the snake encounters a hard blockage or grease and sludge is pulled back from the line, our drain experts will usually recommend a kitchen hydro-jetting service. It will remove the blockages and clean the line which can also remove any unsightly odors caused by the buildup in the line.

Commercial kitchen lines can frequently clog due to the heavy use and grease and cooling oil that will naturally get into the drain lines, even when using the utmost care. Commercial spaces can benefit from routine preventive maintenance hydro-jetting. Ventura County business owners can schedule convenient maintenance with our team at City Plumbing & Rooter and have peace of mind their lines will remain clear during even the busiest dinner rush.

Main sewer line hydro-jetting will remove the hard scale buildup that accumulates on aging pipes, sludge, and roots from the line. Cutting heads on snakes can clear minor root intrusion, but roots are no match for the high water pressure and rotating jetter nozzles.

City Plumbing & Rooter Hydro-Jetting Solutions

We pride ourselves on giving customers the best recommendations and options so they can make an informed decision. Our team will perform a sewer camera inspection prior to hydro-jetting to ensure the pipe is in need of the service, in good condition, and to provide an accurate cost estimate.

We have been tackling the toughest drains clogs for more than two decades. For the best customer experience in cleaning your kitchen and main sewer lines with expert hydro-jetting services in Ventura County and the surrounding areas, residents and businesses call us today.