There’s no telling when a sewer line will decide to go rogue. There are, however, ways to tell when you need to pick up your phone and call the nearest plumber in Ventura County.

Do you know all of these red flags and warning signs when it comes to sewer line damage?

Backup and Blockages

This one’s the most frustrating of all: you flush one toilet, and a different toilet in your home is suddenly dealing with a water backup.

You end up blaming other family members, when you should be blaming your sewer line, which is clearly damaged in this case.

Damage, clogs, and blockages in sewer lines usually causes water to find an alternate route. We, at City Plumbing and Rooter, employ sewer camera inspections to take care of this literal mess for you.

Foul Odors

Foul Odors

This one is the biggest red flag of them all. Yes, bathrooms sometimes stink, but not when you keep them clean and flushed. Don’t forget, sewers are airtight—which means that all foul smells are meant to stay within them. If your bathroom still stinks, that’s a pretty good indication that your sewer line has a leak.

And while foul odors will not make you literally sick, they will make you feel sick. No one likes a stinky bathroom, and the smell will only get worse with time. Our servicepeople specialize in sewer line repair and replacement services, so you don’t really have to live with the smell.

Mold in the Bathroom

Mold is always bad news. It compromises the health of your family members, kills your plants, and weakens the house’s structure.

And if you happen to find some in your bathroom, there’s even more bad news. Because mold in the bathroom happens due to leaks in sewer lines. These leaks enable water to sneak out and facilitate mold growth. Since bathrooms are humid places anyway, they give mold the ideal habitat it needs for growth.

If you’ve found mold growing on the bathroom walls or the ceiling, it’s time for water leak detection service Ventura County. Waste no time, because the mold will grow and grow the longer you ignore the problem.  

Your House Goes Vegan

Let’s say, out of the blue, parts of your house have grown lush green grass. If it’s happening outside, it might even look really nice to you.

But if the grass is greener on this side, you need to check if there’s a sewer line right beneath it. Because sewage equals natural fertilizer, and vegetation near the line indicates a leak. It’s time to get in touch with a plumber immediately.

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