Most days the plumbing in your home works fine, but in the event it doesn’t, you may need an emergency plumber to help save you from a mess. If you’re like the majority of people, your day starts on the throne. As you flush your toilet, you expect it to all to go away like normal right? Suddenly, you notice it makes a gurgling sound, you realize your bathroom is not happy that you stopped by! This sound is the first indication that your sewer mainline is backing up.

Multiple backed up lines

If the water is coming into your stand-up shower or tub shower combo, it is another indication that you cannot flush anything down. Yes, this usually means the laundry, kitchen, and house parties are out. If you have a 3” or 4” clean out at floor or grass level and it is overflowing, or if you pull the cap back and that surprise comes speeding towards you, that’s an indicator you have a main sewer back up.

Getting Professional Help

There is no easy way to fix this, and a hand-held snake will not do the trick. Your next step is to stop-drop-and roll your fingers to the nearest phone and call a professional emergency plumber, drain/rooter cleaning specialist. We understand how stressful these unexpected repairs can be. Our technicians at City Plumbing and Rooter are specially trained to handle these unfortunate situations and will ensure you are walked through the entire process from start to finish for the necessary tips and repairs.

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