Top Signs of a Slab Leak and How to Fix it

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Slab Leak

What is a slab leak?

When you’re going about your day and suddenly come across a warm wet spot on the floor, water leak detection is probably the farthest from your mind. You may wonder, was it the dog? Did you spill coffee and didn’t realize it? (Let’s hope it’s neither for everyone’s sake!) 

Well, in many cases, a warm wet spot on the floor could indicate a possible water leak under the concrete slab and foundation of your home. If a slab leak isn’t addressed immediately with a professional plumber, it can become larger, more problematic, and costlier with time. In other words, if you let the leak continue, it can lead to structural damage and shifting of your home, causing concrete cracks, or something worse! We don’t want that!

Signs of a slab leak

First, how do you know it’s a slab leak? There are several telltale signs to be aware of when it comes to leaks in water lines. 

For instance, you may be able to determine a location of a leak underneath your home by feeling for warm or wet spots on your floor (taking into consideration the type of flooring, such as carpet, tile, or wood). If you also see warping of your flooring, or pooling of water inside or outside your home, these are major signs of a leak somewhere.

Additional leak signs include a noticeable change of water pressure from your faucets or showerheads, and an occasional backing up of water in your shower or toilets. An unfortunate mildew smell may also accompany these events, leading one to believe that water is escaping from some place and must be stopped!

Do you hear more frequent sounds of running water in the walls? Does it seem like you’re receiving more expensive water bills lately too? A leak can certainly cause your utility bill to spike due to the increase of water flow, and this may reflect a serious problem!

All these signs point to something’s wrong within your plumbing system. The next step is what should you do about it?

Call the slab leak specialists! 

As you begin to suspect a leaky problem, pick up your phone and call your trusted local plumbers at City Plumbing and Rooter immediately! We have a team of professional technicians that are specially trained on electronic leak detection equipment and can give you an accurate and proper diagnosis the first time. Once our evaluation is complete, rest assured we will provide the best and most affordable plumbing repair options for the pipes in your home. We are proud to offer a free in-home estimate, great prices and discounts, and are happy to walk with you through every step of the plumbing repair process.

How to Fix a Slab Leak 

When it comes to fixing and stopping the leak underneath the slab of your home, we aim to be the least invasive but most effective. Ways to repair the slab leak include removing a small part of the concrete slab to repair or replace the leaky plumbing pipe, or we can reroute the damaged area to avoid future issues. We tend to recommend rerouting the problem pipes first, because this is less intrusive by bypassing the leaking pipes altogether. We are the repipe specialists that are ready to tackle any size of a slab leak and will restore your home in no time! 

City Plumbing and Rooter is your emergency plumber! Don’t hesitate to call us when you notice any of the leak signs we’ve mentioned above, because waiting usually means more money… and more messes! We are your emergency plumber on-call 24 hours a day! Whether it’s a slab leak, toilet leak, water heater leak, faucet leak, or any kind of plumbline leak, we’re always here to help!