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City Plumbing & Rooter has been expertly performing sewer line replacement and repair in Ventura County for more than two decades. We have a team of trained and skilled drain specialists able to troubleshoot even the toughest sewer line problems to provide a permanent solution.

The first step in diagnosing common sewer line problems is typically a drain snaking. If our team discovers problems such as roots, sludge, or hard spots, we will recommend a sewer camera inspection to accurately diagnose the best possible repair or replacement option.

Common Sewer Problems

Cast iron and clay sewer lines are the most susceptible to problems and are typically found in older homes. They have been used because they are durable and long lasting, but even these materials have an end to their lifespan. Clay and cast iron can also deteriorate over time, experience breaks due to natural shifting of the earth, and they allow easy access for root intrusion.  

The nutrient-rich material in main sewer lines attracts growing tree roots and they will find their way in through even the smallest seams or cracks. Once they infiltrate the main sewer line, they can grow quickly further damaging a sewer line and even grow up through toilets.

Main sewer lines can also become clogged with grease, sludge, and hard scale. As materials harden in the line, the pipe diameter closes off and can eventually cause a backup.  


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Sewer Line Repair

There are multiple options for sewer drain repair. Our team will help residential and commercial customers make the best choice to permanently repair the drain with the most cost-effective solution.

Hydro-Jetting is an ideal option when the sewer line is intact but has a hard scale, sludge buildup, and even roots. A sewer camera inspection will indicate if the line is a candidate for main sewer hydro-jetting, a high-pressure water stream that will scour the insides of the pipe cleaning heavy buildup and removing roots.

If the sewer line shows cracks, holes, or small missing sections, the pipe may be able to be rehabilitated through pipelining. Pipelining is a form of trenchless sewer line repair. It is cost-effective, non-invasive, and will restore the line by creating a brand new durable pipe inside of the interior of the damaged sewer line.

Sewer Line Replacement

If roots have fully broken a sewer pipeline, there are large missing sections or major damage, the line may have to be replaced.

A traditional solution is digging up the affected drain line and replacing it with a new ABS pipe. In some instances, when the line is only damaged in a small portion under fresh non-landscaped earth, a traditional replacement can be the best course of action. However, if the entire line is in need of replacement or it runs under expensive landscaping and/or concrete, it will be the most costly option.

Pipe bursting is another trenchless option, but instead of lining the pipe, it replaces it with a new High-Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE). HDPE is strong, durable, and seamless, making it an ideal replacement to warranty against future root intrusion. It can typically be installed in one day, depending on the length of the line.

Pipe bursting does require two small access points to enable the bursting cable and insertion of the new pipe. However, it all takes place in one action; the bursting head simultaneously breaks up the damaged sewer line while pulling the new HDPE pipe into its place. There is no removal or excavation required.

Our team is focused on advanced training in the latest technologies to provide the most suitable sewer line repair and replacement options for our customers. We offer free estimates for diagnosis and will base repair or replacement solutions on the unique needs of you, your property and your budget.

Experience the best in customer service and high-quality work with City Plumbing & Rooter. To learn more about our sewer line repair and replacement in Ventura County, call us today.



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