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Tom Whaley
Tom Whaley
5 out of 5 stars
4 weeks ago
I had a new stove that would go all the way back to the wall because of a gas pipe sticking out a little too much in back. Jorge from...
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5 out of 5 stars
a month ago
Jorge and Gasper were amazng. They were extremely helpful and professional. On the first day before Gasper joined him, Jorge stayed until quite late in the evening to ensure we...
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Shahin Karimian
Shahin Karimian
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
I called City after 8pm last night when a pipe attached to my house outside burst from the top. Paul and his team were immediately responsive. He talked to me...
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Hoda Hourany
Hoda Hourany
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
Jorge is very hard working and it was a tough job, he was very patient with us and our issue. He got the job done. I highly recommend him and...
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Rick Sievert
Rick Sievert
5 out of 5 stars
3 months ago
Quick response to our phone request. Careful diagnosis before work started. Technically very savvy. Kept to schedule. Ongoing communication kept us up to date on progress and was very helpful....
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Yelp Reviews

  • City Plumbing and Rooter

    City Plumbing and Rooter

    285 reviews
    City Plumbing and Rooter Phone: +18055797929
  • Jeanette M.

    Jeanette M.

    So professional and knowledgeable. Definitely five stars when it comes to response time, service, and efficiency. Would highly recommend!
  • Yvonne R.

    Yvonne R.

    I am a woman and have no idea how to even begin fixing any plumbing issues. I found this company and felt comfortable with their customer service. Then when the Plummer showed up he was polite and patiently explained the issue and how it could be resolved. Prices are fair and work was completed in a timely manner.
  • Joseph C.

    Joseph C.

    Yesterday I called City Plumbing and Rooter due to a clogged bathroom sink and a shower drain that needed to be further opened. In less than one hour, Kevin came to my door to help resolve the issues. He was friendly, polite, intelligent, knew what he was doing, and got the jobs done. And the cost was reasonable. Overall, it was a very positive experience.
  • Terry L.

    Terry L.

    Luis, Oscar, Gaspar, Jose and Sam-- an absolutely great team!

    Luis & Oscar ran a camera through the entire length of our drain, from the entry in the back yard to the street out front, and showed us, in real time, what the issues were.

    Gaspar, Jose and Sam then spent two days digging through tree roots, cutting concrete, then replacing a segment of our drain, and pouring new concrete.  These guys work incredibly hard and do great work, at a reasonable price!

    Best experience I've had with a plumber, hands down. Honest, competent, hard working, and affordable. Even the switchboard operators are competent, friendly, and effective. (I'm told it's a family owned business.)  I've saved their number in my database.
  • Christian A.

    Christian A.

    We had several issues that came up at our home out of nowhere and we contacted city plumbing and they reached out to us quickly and gave us a great quote. They came to our house and did an amazing job. Answered any questions we had and worked very professionally, very detailed and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend going with them for your services and we would definitely use them again in the future. Very happy with the finished work.
  • Noah R.

    Noah R.

    I'm a new home owner, and as such, I don't have a "short list" of go-to guys for common household problems like back to back bathroom sinks that won't drain even though the pipe isn't clogged.  The recommendations from friends weren't too keen on making the trip to Winnetka, which I understand, gas being like gold now, so I jumped on Yelp.

    I liked what I read about City Plumbing and Rooter.  Oddly, all the 5 star reviews made me a bit suspicious.  Yeah, kinda back asswards right?  I've probably watched too many episodes of X-Files and trust no one sunk into my subconscious.  None the less, I called City Plumbing and Rooter.

    Man, I'm glad I did.  Not only did they schedule me quicker than expected, but I got a call a day early asking if I wanted the job done sooner - Hell yes I do - awesome!  Not too long after that, Brandon showed up and got to work.

    He was very diligent, and took a lot of care to respect the house, flooring, vanity, and even an overly curious cat named Ollie.  He informed me every step of the way about what he was doing, and what he needed to do to  fix the problem.  Once he explained what he was going to do, a work order was created on his Ipad with the work being done, and the cost.  We signed it, and it was emailed to me.

    The work took an unexpected part of a second day to complete, which didn't bother me because I rather the work be done right, than for it to be done fast just to finish and move on to the next guy.  And it was done right.  The back to back bathroom sinks now drain as fast as the water flows.  And if you're curious, the price remained the same.

    Brandon cleaned up all the plumbing debris, showed me his work - great.  I paid with my credit card, and got the receipt instantly.

    Really about the only thing they could have done to make me happier is to have said, "You know what kid?  It's all on us today."  
    Like that would ever happen - lol.

    Don't hesitate.  Give them a call.  They solved my problem, and can solve yours too.
  • Eun L.

    Eun L.

    I asked service today  cause my faucet is broken. They came to my home right away.  So helpful and good job.  I recommend  jorge at city plumbing and rooter.
  • Andres R.

    Andres R.

    Pretty cool people's..when my septic tank freaking backed up on me, I thought for sure they were going to try and get me big time!  But last minute and all, they were cool with the price, i thought it was cool..the guy Luis, he's really cool and works diligently. Awesome experience really, for it being my first plumbing issue. Thank you.
  • Juan R.

    Juan R.

    Project took longer then what was anticipated but at the end the job was done the head shower looks great I will recommend and call this company again.
  • Jim K.

    Jim K.

    Brandon came out to replace our leaking shower faucet. Very polite and friendly and smart.  He did good work and cleaned up after himself. I'd recommend this plumber.
  • Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    Had a clogged washing machine drain, and City Plumbing did a great job doing what was necessary to clear it out. Friendly and knowledgeable technician.
  • Bee H.

    Bee H.

    I had an issue with a leak and City Plumbing sent someone out the same day! They rearranged there schedule to fit me in. Brandon came out and was so respectful, he wore shoe booties to protect my floors and his mask the whole time. He was able to diagnose the problem quickly and fix it right away. I will only be using this company in the future and hopefully get Brandon for any future jobs.
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