We all know that leaky sewer and water pipes can cause countless plumbing issues: from clogging to backups to mold accumulation and worse. But today, we’re looking at something that goes beyond bathroom issues and structural damage—water contamination.

The Threat is Real

Back in the day, people were beyond scared about drinking water that had lead mixed in it. In the same way, when it comes to water contamination due to leaky pipes, the concern is valid and real.

Harmful contaminants and microbes can easily sneak into your drinking water and make things hard for you in the long-term, health-wise.

There’s Research to Back This Up

There’s Research to Back This Up

A team of engineers from the University of Sheffield conducted a study in 2015 to see if drinking water could really be contaminated due to a leaky pipe. Their study proved— conclusively—that, yes, drinking water can become contaminated by harmful microbes due to leaky pipes. This team of Sheffield engineers was one of the first in the scientific community to prove this.

And when you have science to back it up, it becomes even more pressing that you address the issue.

How it Happens

There were already studies that proved that it’s not just the water pipe itself, but the regions surrounding it that are rich in contaminants. Most of these bad guys are bacteria and viruses from fecal matter. If there’s a leak in the pipes, it’s inevitable that these microbes will enter the pipe, mixing with the clean water that you will be consuming later on.

Pressure drops in the pipes facilitate this pathogen-osmosis. When entering tap water directly, these bacteria and viruses might not be too great in number, and the contamination is only low-grade. However, there’s a good chance that they might multiply and even regenerate once inside the water pipe, and this will eventually lead to a high concentration of pathogen infestation in your tap water.

The First Signs

The first sign of being infected by microbes that have sneaked into your water pipes is an old classic: an upset stomach. Dodgy tummies are indicators of foreign microbes inside your entrails, and the first guess that people usually have is that they might have eaten something that is causing it.

But in many cases, it’s not food that causes the upset stomach: it’s water.

The End Game

Bacteria from fecal matter mixing with your drinking water doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? If you or members of your house have been complaining of sick tummies and if it’s not food poisoning, get a professional plumber to check your pipes for leaks today with Leak Detection services.

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