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Performing a sewer camera inspection can reveal a healthy drain line or damaged lines with holes, breaks, missing sections or root intrusion. With failing sewer lines, homeowners have many options including a no-dig solution. For more than two decades, City Plumbing & Rooter have been pipelining in Ventura County and the surrounding areas.

We have a team of pipelining experts to rehabilitate a sewer pipeline avoiding costly excavation of landscaping and concrete. We are committed to delivering permanent solutions, multiple options, and the best experience for our customers.

What is Pipelining?

Aging sewer pipes, usually made of cast iron or clay, allow easy access to roots. Roots grow towards rich nutrients, easily found in main sewer lines and find their way in through small cracks or holes, further damaging the lines. Pipes can also deteriorate over time, break or crack due to shifting of the earth, as well as bend creating low spots that will cause future main sewer backups.

Pipelining is a rehabilitation of the pipe, not a replacement. It uses an epoxy resin and catalyst, and special lining material, that when inserted into the line can create a brand new pipe inside of the damaged line.

The epoxy lining is inserted into the line and molded to the existing pipe. Using an inflatable bladder, it is formed with pressure and left to cure in place. Once the epoxy insertion is cured, the bladder is deflated and removed and the sewer line is inspected by a sewer camera inspection to ensure the integrity of the new epoxy line.

Epoxy lining is durable and long lasting and has a life expectancy of more than 50 years. It is guaranteed against future roots, breaks, and cracks.

Pipelining can repair small sections, entire lines, and does not require digging up and replacing the line. It has many great benefits that will help customers for years to come.

Pipelining Benefits

No Dig Solution

Pipelining does not require excavation of landscaping, concrete, city sidewalks, and under homes. Pipelining does require access, generally through cleanouts which should be installed on all residential and commercial properties. If cleanouts are not present, the pipelining specialists at City Plumbing & Rooter will provide a free estimate to create the proper pipelining access.

Reduced Waste

Replacement of sewer lines means digging up landscaping and often concrete, exposing the sewer line and removing it to make a space for the new line. All of the concrete and damaged pieces of the line must be disposed of and will eventually end up in landfills. With pipelining, there is reduced waste.

Eliminate Soil Contamination & Utility Line Damage

When digging up for traditional sewer replacements, there is also a possibility of soil contamination. Pipelining requires zero cutting into existing sewer lines or potential utility lines running underground.

Small Section Repairs

Pipelining does not mean lining the entire sewer pipe. Sewer lines can run more than 100 feet in residential properties. As a cost effective solution, lining can be performed only on the affected areas of the sewer line. This means homeowners can save money by repairing only the damaged portion of the line for minor repairs.

Home and business owners can benefit from the cost effective solutions of pipelining. It is quick, trenchless, minimally intrusive and will restore facilities to customers without major disruptions.

For more information about pipelining in Ventura County and the surrounding areas with a long lasting solution, contact City Plumbing & Rooter. We are dedicated to providing the best solution at an affordable cost.


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Jennifer L.

07/11/2019 via Yelp


Highly recommend!!!! I've had my unfortunate share of emergency plumbing needs and seen my fair share of plumbers. City Plumbing and Rooter by far has been the best experience I have had. They are prompt, honest, and do exceptional work. What more can you ask for? I have a young toddler who is all over the place and they even cared to ensure all the equipment was clean and not any type of hazard to her while they worked. Their attention to detail is clear not only in their work, but also how they handle their relationships and clients over all. I will never call anyone else again!

Artur M.

06/13/2019 via Yelp


I don't always leave a 5 star review but, I give credit where credit is due. I called City Plumbing to see when they can come out and assess/fix a kitchen leak and the whole experience was seamless and professional from there on. Their staff was nice over the phone and they sent Paul within the hour. Paul was very pleasant & thorough with his diagnoses of the situation. You can tell he's very passionate about what he does, and very knowledgeable. He explained everything and answered all my questions in a way that I can understand. He was able to find the root of the leak and give me options for the types of repairs that can be made. Within couple hours, my leaky plumbing issue was fixed. I was very impressed with their services and recommend them to anyone in the area!

Michelle A.

09/18/2019 via Google


This review is long over due as we had City Plumbing and Rooter out to our place about 4 months ago to unclog a drain. I had to be sure and give these guys 5 stars as they cleared our drain in record time and also uncovered other major plumbing issues in our yard. The crews work was impeccable. They replaced my line and left my yard looking just as it did before they started their work. I will be recommending City Plumbing & Rooter to all of my family and friends.

Jen C.

08/20/2019 via Yelp


City Plumbing and Rooter was great. We contacted them after 7:00 PM and they came out within 30 minutes on the same day. Excellent response from the beginning. We had a shower/tub combo that was not draining and received a quote and they came out and fixed our problem for the price quoted. Very professional and friendly. I highly recommend.

Jason Miller

12/31/1969 via Yelp


Paul and his crew were great! They came out on a Sunday to help us with a serious leak from the auto fill valve for our pool. They also assisted us by installing some shut off valves and regulators to reduce the water pressure. These guys were great, hard working and did great work.


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