Drain cleaning solutions

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When your day is going, but the pipes aren’t flowing (and yes, we mean your house pipes), it’s time to do some necessary drain cleaning! Call our specialists at City Plumbing and Rooter to investigate, diagnose, and fix the problem. We understand that a clogged drain is very untimely for your daily routine, and we are happy to apply our best techniques and sewer camera to flush the issue away! Using a plumbing camera and highly trained eyes, we can pinpoint and repair what is needed within your sewer lines.

 Drain Issues

If your kitchen or bathroom sink drain has never sounded so crazy, or you detect a foul odor, something is likely blocking your plumbing pipe, or even worse a vent issue! Clogged, or backed up drains, happen frequently and often due to grease buildup, sludge, invasive tree roots somewhere, or your child’s toy that suddenly went missing! With that in mind, you need an emergency plumber to perform clean out plumbing as fast as possible!

 Next Steps

Our top-of-the-line equipment can easily find the problem and our high-pressure water removal method, called hydro jet plumbing, can help remove any stubborn blockages. In more serious circumstances, pipes may be too old to repair and it may be time to consider replacing old cast iron pipes in your home. We will explain each step, share tips to prevent future problems, and work within your budget. We can save your day, your drain pipes, and your child’s toy!