There’s a lot in the sewers—and no, we don’t mean the scary dancing clown from Derry who had children for lunch. We mean pipes, drains, fixtures, and the like. All things plumbing-related are linked to the sewer. And if any of these fixtures are damaged and subsequently ignored, it is the sewer that will become a primary source of nuisance for you further down the line.

The sewer pipe, then, is one of the most important plumbing orifices in your house. So knowing when you need a sewer repair is paramount.

Sadly, sewer pipes don’t come with a “blocked” bubbled like certain social media websites—so how do you tell if yours is blocked?

Toilets That Won’t Flush

If your toilets refuse to empty all the muck and filth in them even after multiple flushing attempts, you could have a blocked sewer pipe on your hands.

This is a commonly occurring problem in bathrooms that are used by multiple people, such as office bathrooms. It could also be the case that several fixtures have been blocked at the same time.

Really. Weird. Stuff. Happens.

Let’s say you’re in your bathroom one day, and the sink starts spouting blood. Is it time to call a plumber? No, we think you might need an exorcist here.

You do need a plumber, however, when this happens: you flush your toilet, and water sprouts from your shower drain. Or perhaps the drain in the sink begins to bubble. Relax, it’s not the water you just flushed (we do apologize if you are eating anything while reading this blog). You might even hear a gurgling voice from inside the drains—damn, it does sound like IT, doesn’t it?

But like we said, there are no clowns there. Just a blocked sewer pipe.

Lawn Upgrade

If you have a lawn, pay special attention to it. Does it have indentations in places? Is it greener and fuller with grass than it should be? In that case, you might have a leaky sewer pipe—because sewage is a natural fertilizer.

Kill the Bill

If you’ve suddenly started getting increased water bills and can’t pinpoint what the problem is, it’s probably because water from the pipe is leaking. Naturally, this causes a lot of wastage, and hence, the exorbitant bill.

The Obvious Lows

Does your toilet have a low water level? Is the water pressure generally low? Additionally, do you smell something foul? These are pretty obvious signs that you need to give a local plumber a call.

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