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Water Leak Detection — $199 Leak Detection *Some Restrictions Apply

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When you are in need of an emergency plumber, count on City Plumbing and Rooter for our timely assistance and variety of plumbing services in Calabasas. We are a family-run business that has served residents of Calabasas for more than twenty years, and our mission to put customers first still continues today. We aim to provide the best quality customer service and plumbing repairs at the most affordable cost to you. Whether it is a clogged drain, slab leak, tree root intrusion, toilet plumbing, or a water heater leaking, we will quickly fix the plumbing problem and provide tips for future plumbline maintenance. We are the 24 hour plumber at your service, call us any time (818) 280-6080.

Clogged drains and drain cleaning in Calabasas

City Plumbing and Rooter has a trusted team of local plumbers that homeowners can call when they need a drain cleaning or plumbing repair. Clogged drains are quite common for house calls and naturally inconvenient for your daily activities. Signs of a clogged drain include foul odors coming from the drain, slow moving water in sinks, and backed up water in the tub or toilet. Our technicians use a high-tech plumbing camera as a primary tool of investigation, and powerful drain cleaning methods such as high-pressure hydro jetting, to find the culprit of the clog and get your water lines flowing right again.

Hydrojet Plumbing

Slow drains and blocked pipes are usually caused by years of built up sludge, food grease, and increasingly invasive tree roots. Often, a simple handheld snake will not do the trick, and in such cases a stronger removal method is necessary. Hydro jetting consists of specialty nozzles and high-pressure water that can remove the most stubborn of blockages within a plumbing pipe. When looking for a drain expert, know that City Plumbing and Rooter can get your kitchen or bathroom sink drain in working order again in no time!

Water Leak Detection in Calabasas

A clogged drain points to a blockage issue within pipes, whereas water leak detection indicates an unexpected liquid flow that needs to be stopped. Excessive water bills, mildew smells, pooling sections of the yard, running toilets, and change of water pressure, all point to a possible water leak that needs to be addressed immediately by a professional plumber. We offer free in-home estimates, and will explain every step and affordable solution for your unique situation. From a foundational slab leak to your tankless water heater installation, we will complete the job quickly and carefully for your family and home.